Black Cats for the Win!


“Zazzles” is a pawesome black cat!

Pet parents, you could win a year’s supply of Revolution Plus (and maybe a few other goodies) for your black cat, in celebration of Halloween and yesterday’s Black Cat Day! Revolution Plus provides the broadest available feline parasite protection in one easy-to-use, monthly dose; it protects cats and kittens (8 weeks of age and up) inside and out against flea, ticks, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms. The contest deadline is this Saturday (10/31/2020) and the winner will be selected next week by vote of our staff.

The important rules are as follows:

  1. Share a cute picture of your very own black cat in the comments section of this post on our hospital’s official Facebook page. Costumes and / or a Halloween theme are NOT required but may add to the cuteness factor 🙂 Please do not make your cat wear a costume if kitty objects to being dressed up!
  2. Be sure to include your cat’s name, age, and current weight if known, as well as your own name (for those of you who may use abbreviated or different names on Facebook, we have to make sure we know who you are!)
  3. The winning cat *must* be a current patient of our hospital, and must have been to our office for a physical exam within the past 12 months in order to qualify for the prize. (Revolution Plus for Cats is a prescription medication.)
  4. Please feel free to share this contest information with friends that you know are clients of our hospital but who may not be Facebook-users! You may post a photo of their cat on their behalf, so long as you provide the required information about the cat and its owner. Please make sure that anyone you post for understands that we must have seen their cat for an exam within the past 12 months!
  5. Contest is NOT open to Bellevue Animal Hospital employees or their family members but they may share photos of their own black kitties for fun and inspiration ❤ (Pictured here is a very happy Zazzy, who belongs to Mary Vedder, our Client Services Specialist.)
  6. Don’t forget, the deadline for contest entries is this Saturday (Halloween!) before 11:59 p.m. on 10/31/2020. The winner will be announced next week after our staff votes on 11/02/2020.

For more information about Revolution Plus, please visit

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