Our Response to COVID-19

**UPDATED 5 June 2020**

We’re still doing everything we can to keep you, your pets, and our team safe during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. All of our services are still “curbside only” – no one is permitted inside our hospital building other than our staff and your pets. We’re grateful for your continued patience and understanding with the constantly evolving changes required to weather the storm. Our phones have been extremely busy, as you might imagine, and we apologize if you’ve had any trouble in reaching us. Waiting times may also be longer for you.  Please know that we’re all doing our best to help each of you as quickly and efficiently as possible!

We also understand that it’s difficult for you to be an active participant in your pet’s care when you can’t be in the exam room with your furbaby. Rest assured that we are providing your pets with even more love and attention during this trying time, and giving lots of free snuggles!

We will continue to keep you updated about any changes in our services or practice going forward. If you have ANY questions or concerns about your pet’s care, please feel free to call us at 402-291-1255, contact us via our handy website form or send an email to us at bellevueanimal@gmail.com Thank you!!!

**UPDATED 3 April 2020**

In accordance with Nebraska Directed Health Measure Order 2020-008 and our governor’s instruction, effective April 4, 2020 and until further notice, there are restrictions on some of the veterinary medical or dental procedures or surgeries that we can provide.

Our staff is happy to provide guidance to you on these new restrictions. If you have ANY questions about your pet’s care or medical needs, please call our office at (402) 291-1255 or send an email to us at bellevueanimal@gmail.com

Our medical team will still be providing veterinary services and surgeries that are necessary and vital to your pet’s physical health, well-being, and quality of life.


**UPDATED 27 March 2020**  

Effective Monday, March 30th, we will no longer be allowing any clients to enter our hospital. We will be doing curbside check-ins. We have not come to this decision lightly. For the safety of our staff, our clients and our community, we feel it is what is necessary at this time. We appreciate all your understanding and support as we transition to these new procedures.  Here are a few steps to help make your visit with us as seamless as possible:

  • When you arrive, please call us at (402) 291-1255 to alert us that you are here. If you get a busy signal, please try back in a minute as we are experiencing a high volume of incoming calls. We appreciate your patience!
  • Please provide the make and model of your car and verify your contact number.
  • Once we have an exam room ready, a staff member will come out to your car, get a history, confirm the reason for the appointment and have you walk your pet to the front door. This is where we will proceed inside with your pet and you can go back to your car. We would prefer to not take your pet directly from the car as they may be more protective of that space. We want it to be as smooth of a transition as possible.
  • Cats must be in secure carriers (to ensure your cat’s utmost safety, we will not be able to see them if they are not in a carrier.) If you do not own a carrier, please contact us prior to the appointment, and we can arrange to loan you one.
  • Dogs need to be on a leash before they are let out of the car (make sure it is tight enough so they can’t slip their collar off.) We will also use one or two of our slip leashes to add another layer of safety. If your dog is nervous, fearful, or aggressive when coming to the vet, we may not be able to see them. A basket muzzle may be helpful in this situation (so plan accordingly.) If you feel that sedation is appropriate, please ask us prior to the appointment if sedation is recommended by your doctor. We will do the best we can in these situations, but please understand that we have to consider the safety of our staff first.
  • If you are experiencing signs of illness (fever or any respiratory symptoms,) please alert our staff when you call for your check-in so they can utilize additional personal protective equipment. If you are experiencing any fever or respiratory symptoms, we would prefer that you find someone else to bring your pet in. You must be 18 years or older to bring a pet.
  • Once the exam is performed, a doctor or veterinary technician will call you to clarify any information, discuss any tests recommended, etc. Please keep your cell phone handy and make sure you keep your line open during this time so you can receive calls. This is very important! We ask for your patience as we go through the exam process, as this may take a bit of time to accomplish and then make our recommendations.
  • Make sure when you schedule the appointment that you let the client service representative know EVERY concern you want the doctor to address so the appointment is scheduled for the appropriate length of time. We will not have the luxury of evaluating additional concerns. This is very important!
  • A client service representative or veterinary assistant may come to your vehicle for payment via cash, check, or credit card (or we can do credit card payment over the phone) and your pet will be returned to your vehicle. Please do not leave to run errands during your appointment time. These appointments should take about 30 minutes. If we feel it will take considerably longer, we will let you know that we may need to keep your pet for a longer time for tests. At that time, you will be allowed to leave and we will call you when your pet is able to go home. If you need estimates for any procedures, tests, vaccines, etc. please ask and we will be happy to provide that for you.
  • Since we are heading into severe weather season, if inclement weather is forecasted (tornado watch or warning, hail predicted, etc.,) please consider rescheduling your appointment (we do not want to put you in any kind of danger.)
  • If you are coming to pick up pet food or medication, please call ahead so we can get that ready for you. Once you are in the parking lot, call 402-291-1255 and we will collect payment and bring your items out to your car.

We cannot adequately express our gratitude to you for entrusting us with the care of your pets,

and we want to thank you for your understanding.

We will get through this together. Nebraskans are resilient and Bellevue Animal Hospital clients are the BEST!!

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