Many people have questions about what happens when you euthanize a pet.  Our veterinarians and support staff will do everything we can to help ease you, your family, and your beloved pet through this difficult time. When you arrive for your appointment, one of our staff members will escort you to our Comfort Room, and will review the euthanasia authorization form with you. Your veterinarian will meet with you in the Comfort Room to confirm your wishes. The veterinarian will answer any questions you may have before proceeding with euthanasia. We encourage and welcome you and your family to stay with your pet during the procedure, but if you feel unable to do so for any reason, you may leave at this time.

The Euthanasia Procedure

The actual process of euthanasia is dependent on each individual pet and their current physical condition. We will sometimes place an intravenous catheter in your pet’s leg prior to giving the euthanasia injection; catheter placement will be done by one of our veterinary technicians, on a treatment table outside the Comfort Room. We will bring your pet back to the Comfort Room after the catheter is in place. If your pet’s veterinarian determines that an IV catheter is not necessary, we will just give a single injection. The injection used is a medication specifically for euthanasia, and causes your pet to “fall asleep” relatively quickly. Shortly thereafter, the heart and breathing will stop. The entire process typically only takes a few seconds, but again, this may vary somewhat depending on the condition of the patient. The veterinarian will then use a stethoscope to confirm that the animal has passed. Afterwards, you may wish to spend a few more minutes alone with your pet.


As a special keepsake, a pawprint impression is an inexpensive and beautiful way to remember your pet. Saving a snippet of the pet’s fur is another option. We can do either of these for you. If you would like us to make a ClayPaws impression of your pet’s pawprint, we will do this after you have left the Comfort Room.